Monday, April 6, 2009

Dreaded root mealybugs

I've noticed so many of my vegetables and even shrubs decline with no apparent reason. I pulled up one of my all but dead squash plants and discovered the roots completely covered with what look like mealybugs.

A google search revealed they might be "pink pineapple mealybugs". I really try to keep insecticides to a minimum, especially near the root zone, for fear of the plant absorbing harmful chemicals.

I wonder what can be done about this terrible pest that is very prevalent in our sandy soil.


  1. I had two semi-tender phormiums that made it through our colder than normal winter just to succumb to mealy bugs. The little devils embedded themselves within the tight stalks at the plant's crown. I used Bonide (a pesticide made from botanicals) several times and it seemed to do the trick but I lagged behind during the winter and the rest is history. I don't think the critters are in the soil, but who knows?

  2. These bugs are so evil and creepy. They make my skin crawl :)

    2nd on my list are scales, I find them all over the show on so many plants and so many different kinds.

    3rd are spider mites. I will post later how they are destroying my eggplants.