Sunday, April 19, 2009

New family members in the making

Last weekend, we visited friends and I learned that he was trying to eradicate some "aloes". Turns out to be almost certainly Aloe arborescence - one that I've been trying to buy locally without success. So I took the liberty and pulled two of the rosettes out with some roots intact. I plan on planting them at the back of the garden close to the fence where nothing else but the toughest weeds are making it. There's no irrigation there and the lawn sprinklers hardly reach that spot.

In the picture the two aloes in the front left are the Aloe arborescence, the little Aloe to the right, is Aloe ferox.

The plant in the front left, is Marlierea (unknown species) supposed to be a guava relative with excellent dark purple fruits. Its grown from a seed and is now almost 6 months old. The little tree behind the Aloes is a horseradish tree. At the very right, there's some mandarin citrus seedlings going (don't know if they'll come true from seed, but I'm trying). The numerous small containers at the top right are all mixed Aloe seedlings, planted last year June - it took 8 months to get less than half an inch tall. Underneath the Sea Grape leaves, I have some starfruit seedlings going. To the left of the Sea Grape leaves, you can see some containers with Dioon Edule - those seedlings are almost 2 years old and still only a couple of inches tall.

Just out of view to the right, is a 1 year old sugar apple and 1 year old Sapodilla seedling.

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