Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whats left of the cool season crops

This is whats left of my carrots, golden beets, turnips and Swiss chard, the bean skeletons on the bottom left are quite visible. I guess its time to pull out the last few plants hanging in for dear life. The problem is I have no idea what to plant in their place - I'm thinking of edamame (soy beans) or cow peas or winged beans. I have some edamame seeds but will have to look for some tropical veggie seeds, otherwise this and the other three raised beds are going to be empty from now till October.

This tomato will be gone soon. It still has quite a few green fruit, but it has been relentlessly attacked by flea beetles. Even if it does make it, the fruit will split open and rot due to the high overnight temperatures. Some of them are already splitting open.

I have sprayed it with pyrethrin a few times, but every time I look its as if it has no effect on the flea beetles.


  1. I'm just about where you're at, and have decided to go with the cow peas (I'm in Bermuda).

  2. Yip, its pretty sad as far as temperate veggies are concerned, but then, those temperate folk can't grow starfruit, sugar apples, mangos, lychee's, longans, grumichama's, jujube's, suriname cherries, pitomba, pineapples, papayas, guava's, feijoa's, loquats, pomegranates, limes, lemons, horseradish tree .....

  3. How about amaranth? Or maybe some of the unusual types of watermelon like white wonder?

  4. I read up about amaranth, seems there are 2 types, one grown for the leaves, the other for the grain ? How do use it, what does it taste like ?

    About the white wonder watermelon, don't know if it will work here.