Friday, April 24, 2009

Tropical vegetables

I finally took the plunge and ordered some tropical vegetable seeds.

I ordered some edamame (soybean) seeds in the winter - I only received 9 seeds, planted them in November, all I got was a measly few small pods, so I decided to leave each pod and I ended up with about 24 seeds. Over the weekend I cleared my summer vegetable beds, removed all the weeds, added new fertiliser and planted my soybean seeds.

Last week I ordered seminole pumpkin, cow peas, malabar spinach and yellow passion fruit seeds from

My experience with was excellent, not only was my order shipped quicker than expected, I received much more seeds in each packet than expected/advertised. I even received a free packet of sweet pepper seeds.

Two previous attempts with passion fruit seeds have failed, hopefully this time will be better. At least I got 25 or more seeds, both previous times, I only got 6 seeds for the same price - not much room for error, I lost all seeds to mold.


  1. Well, I hope your seed sowing goes extremely well. I think I'll check out rare seeds. Not that I need any more plants....:)

  2. All the seeds have or are busy germinating nicely. Its so warm now, if they don't get infested or eaten by the raccoons/rabbits, I am sure they're going to grow very fast.