Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pomegranates - hoping for some fruit this year

I grew these five pomegranates grown from seed. This is their 3rd year. Last year, only of of them bloomed, and 1 fruit formed, but was aborted when it was about the size of an egg. This year all five shrubs are blooming and I'm really hoping for some fruit this year. As you can see the grass is in a real sorry state. I watered twice a week in March and it resulted in a $50 water bill and no real improvement in the grass. Since November, we're officially 15 inches below normal. At this moment it seems as if everything is shriveling in the relentless sun. I have to water some plants almost daily, like the jaboticaba, pitomba and grumichama.

Both grumichama plants are laden with developing fruit, they should be ready in about a month from now - can't wait, hope I get them before the birds !


  1. These pomegranates plants are known as Delima in Malaysia ... lovely fruits! ~ bangchik at blotanical

  2. Last year, one of the trees flowered and formed one single fruit, but at about 10cm across, it burst open and rotted. I hope I will get at least a couple of fruit this year. I might have to spray with a fungicide often ?