Monday, April 20, 2009

More plants in the making

Here are some variegated ginger (Alpinia zerumbet), lemon grass and variegated flax Lily (Dianella tasmanica 'Variegata') plants that I am growing from divisions. They're in the recovery area behind the house where the brutal sun is not reaching yet.

In the little grow house, I have more duranta cuban gold and Tibouchina urvilleana cuttings busy recovering from being planted out.

The ginger plants will probably go in the front garden underneath the queen palms somewhere.

Two of the Tibouchina plants will go in the front garden one on each side of the scrub rose bush.

The duranta cuban gold cuttings will finish the border of the center island.

The lemon grass will be used to fill in some open spaces along the fence, they form a beautiful bush about 4 feet wide by two feet tall.

I have two more citrus seedlings growing in there also, plus one blue grape (Myrciara vexator) seed that has just started to root after 4 months !

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