Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winter/summer squash done

With out up-side down season here in South Florida - we plant "normal" summer crops in the fall and again in Spring, its time to pull out my squash vines and get rid of all the weeds growing in their place.

Here's a picture of whats left of the butternut, delicata and zucchini squash plants. The zucchini plant only produced one small zucchini, the delicata squash produced 5 little squash and the butternut squash three medium sized squash. ALl the vines had mealybugs on their roots, so I am sure the meagre crops and lack of vigor are a direct result of this infestation. Even the weeds I pull up here have these bugs sucking on their roots.

The mulch is environment friendly eucalyptus mulch.

I am still deciding what I'm going to plant here in the summer, but it will probably be sweet potato vines.

This area is underneath my new muscadine grape trellis that I built from scratch. I will post pictures and instructions of how I built it as cheaply as possible at a later stage.

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